128 Orange steps filled with color and unique atmosphere the public gardens of Yambol, Bulgaria

 September 16, 2006

The Orange Step is the first large-scale art project of the talented author Kiril Jeliazkov. The project is a whole composition of 128 original artistic paintings, each 6 metres high and 3 metres wide. The whole composition comprises an area of 2400 square metres (400 metres long).

 Carefully selected materials r347esistant to different climate conditions have been used for the creation of the project. The paintings are painted on vinyl with specially produced water-based paints. 800 metres of vinyl and 2 tones of paint have been used. A 7-metre metal structure has been built for each painting, so that the canvas can be displayed on it. (see more...)

The idea for this unique exhibition originated more than 2 years ago, and after a long search and steady faith The Orange Step came into existence. The project has been planned to be displayed in the open – in parks, gardens, on the beach and  other wide open spaces. The purpose is the natural terrain and beauty to become a kind of “gallery” for the works of art and to strengthen the sensation of the perfection of life in its wholeness – where man’s and God’s creations meet.   


Each journey begins with a single step… my journey begins with The Orange Step”, says the author. He chooses to sign the pictures with an orange foot print of his own foot and so to set symbolically the beginning of a journey towards finding the truth and love in life. 


The first step of the project was made in the public gardens of Yambol – the hometown of the artist Kiril Jeliazkov – on 16 September, 2006. The exhibition was attended by many residents of the city, among whom was also the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr Georgi Parvanov. 

Unique magic of colours, light and shade play, implicit forms behind the branches of the trees, and a  lot of spirit, ambition and faith filled the public gardens of Yambol for 10 days. Guests on the first day of the exhibition were many of the residents of the city, businessmen, artists  and writers.


  The event was opened by the mayor of the city Kiril Todorov. The presence of the Symphony Orchestra contributed to the uniqueness of the atmosphere.


         351                        349

             346                         345  

            352                         348

            357                         356
            359                       361                          360        

                  362                                    363       
                  364                                   365                                                                       
                  353                                   366
                  369                                   368

                  367                                   370
                  373                                   372
                  371                                   374

                   375                377                 376

                   378                                379
                   381                                380

                   383                                382
                   384                                385   

                   387                                386

                   389                                388

                  391                                390

                 393                                394

                   395               397                396
                  400                               399
                  402                               401       

                                                                                              We have 128 steps as a beginning…