The Orange Step Takes Center Stage In Savannah's Forsyth Park

October 15, 2007


  Award winning, international artist Kiril Jeliazkov has selected Savannah, Georgia for the United States premiere of his large-scale art project, The Orange Step. The outdoor exhibit comes to Savannah after receiving rave reviews during its international premiere in Yambol, Bulgaria.
   The project is a single composition of 128 original paintings, each 20 feet high by 10 feet wide. The unique masterpiece is 440 yards long and will stretch the entire length of Forsyth Park. Carefully selected, weather resistant materials were used in the creation of The Orange Step. The paintings are on vinyl with specially produced water-based paints. Kiril used two tons of paint to cover the 880 yards of vinyl canvas. He designed a custom support structure for the exhibit made of 13 tons of iron. (see more...)
    In describing his one-of-a-kind work of art, Kiril Jeliazkov says, “Each journey begins with a single step. My journey begins with The Orange Step.” Kiril uses his own footprint to sign each canvas in orange paint. His signature symbolizes the beginning of a journey towards finding the truth and love in life.

     Kiril’s use of color, light and shadow will magically bring new spirit, ambition and faith to Savannah’s central park. It’s a blend of nature and art never before seen on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

     The idea for this awe-inspiring exhibit originated three years ago. Kiril’s vision became reality in the dank confines of a rented gymnasium in his hometown in Bulgaria. The Orange Step was designed and created for display in the out of doors- in parks, gardens and other wide-open spaces.

       484                                         483

       486                                         485


       487                                         488


       491                                         489


       494                    496                    495


       497                                        498


       499                                        500


    502                        501


    503                        504


    505                        506     


    508           510            507


       514                                      513


       515                                      516


    518                       519    


    520                       521


    523                       522


    525                       524  


    528          527            526


    530                      529


    532                      531


                                                                                    We have 128 steps as a beginning…