Honda Classic To Showcase Largest Outdoor Fine Art Exhibit

February 25, 2008

   Kiril Jeliazkov displayed his fabulous 128 – piece art exhibit entitled, The Orange Step, during PGA TOUR event, The HONDA Classic. The project is the biggest fine art outdoor exhibit and represents a single composition of 128 paintings each 20 feet high by 10 feet wide. The paintings are painted on vinyl with specially produced water-based paints. 23 feet metal structure has been built for each painting; so that the canvas can be displayed on it. The project was based on the idea that art is for everyone and that is why its gallery is the perfect nature. (see more...)


                      556                                       555


   Each step in Mr. Jeliazkov’s artistic and spiritual growth has proven to be a step closer to the creation of his own unique mark on the word of art. IGP Group, LLC, IGP Sports & Entertainment Group, an international sports and event management company and Kiril Jeliazkov were able to present the Palm Beach, Florida audience a very unique and upscale “non–golf” exhibit, which had never been done b efore on the PGA TOUR.


  “The Honda Classic is all 557about first. We are extremely excited to be able to bring this unique exhibit to the tournament.”  Honda Classic Executi ve Director Kenneth R. Kennerly said.“It is a continuation of our efforts toward evolving into a diverseevent for the people of Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast who havevaried interests, but a common bond to have fun and be entertained.These paintings will provide an awesome backdrop to the event.”


  The exhibition was visited over 100 000 people. Kiril received tremendous recognition and acclaim in connection with the project by virtue of the fact that Palm Beach Post, Sun Sentinel, and Miami Herald covered his exhibit and several television stations inter viewed the artist. Kiril Jeliazkov and his renowned art exhibit was instrumental in the tournament raising a lot of funds for charity, Children’s Healthcare Charity, Inc., and the Honda Classic, PGA TOUR event.

                  559                                           558

                  561                                          560   


                 563                                           562


                 565                                           564


                567                                            566      


                570                     569                       568


                572                                           573


                574                                           575


                576                                           577


                578                                           579


                581                                           580


                582                                          583


                585                                          584


                587                                          586


                                                                                                                       We have 128 steps as a beginning…