In pursuit of "Perfection" in paintings

Alexander Hall, March 9, 2007

The exhibition features large-scale abstract paintings, with several smaller pieces as support. Kiril explained: “The  scenario ‘perfection’ paints the picture life in a different dimension where everybody can be understood. It requires readiness and preparation in heart and  mind to be able to accept perfection and to use it with its varieties of filters.”

Along with the titles, the artist submitted the question: How can I challenge life?   
The elements give viewers some footing when deciphering the spirituality in the work , without other verbal or written clues as a guide. “The balance of a work as  with a person or   soul is something that exists already inside us. It is not a goal; it is less concrete than  this. It changes form and appearance constantly.” – said the author.





   461                                 460                                             465


   467                                     469                                          468


   470                                     472                                          475

   473                                     474                                          471

   477                                     476                                          478